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ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE AT ABOUT.COM is a company that hires researchers/writers to maintain pages about specific topics. They glean the best of what is available on the web, as well as provide information from other sources.



ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE REVIEW:  This is an online library of current and past articles from Alternative Medicine Review. This is in-depth reading covering an expansive range of topics, including treating cancer.



ASK Dr. WEIL:  Andrew Weil was a pathfinder in bringing alternative medicine to the mainstream. Author of several natural healing books, Dr. Weil's PBS programs opened up a new world for many people.



CBS HEALTHWATCH   Requires an email address and name (but you can always make up one if you are concerned about privacy issues, register under a hotmail email address). Once registered, you can search through MEDLINE articles and Reuters health news as well as enroll in a "mini medical school". It is user-friendly.



ELECTRONIC MEDICINE.COM  This site offers online medical textbooks.



HEALTHWELL.COM  From the publishers of Delicious magazine, offers a comprehensive listing of subjects for those interested in the wide spectrum of healthy living. This site is formatted magazine style, with articles in different subject categories. There is also a handy search section for information on herbs, supplements, vitamins, conditions and a dictionary of terms.



ROSENTHAL CENTER FOR COMPLEMENTARY AND ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE: (Columbia University)  From one of the foremost centers on complementary and alternative medicine in the U.S. today, it is a nice reference for information on cancer.



SOUTHWEST SCHOOL OF BOTANICAL MEDICINE:  Michael Moore is the Director of the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine. He has compiled a storehouse of knowledge on medicinal herbs. This resource includes photos, maps of herbal distribution throughout the country, downloadable articles from many authors and a few very good links for those interested in using herbs to improve their health.



TUFTS UNIVERSITY NUTRITION NAVIGATOR:  The TUNN is designed to help you sort through the large volume of nutrition information on the Internet and find accurate, useful nutrition information you can trust.



WEBMD  Assists in a wide range of medical issues and diagnoses.



WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) - LIST OF FULL-TEXT MEDICAL JOURNALS:  A quick-loading alphabetical listing of practically all online medical journals.




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