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Please be advised that I do not endorse or advocate any particular medical institution, clinical trial or form of treatment or therapy. Information on medical institutions, treatments, alternative therapies, nutrition, clinical trials, web sites, published literature and pancreatic cancer news items are being provided for your reference only so you may become armed with as much available information as possible.

REMEMBER: It is imperative that you discuss your ideas and issues with your physician, as well as, any treatments or therapies you are currently involved in or utilizing. Please be advised that in the treatment of your pancreatic cancer, if you do not feel comfortable with your relationship with your physician or the prescribed treatment plan, you should seek additional input via a second opinion. Utilizing the information presented on this and other pancreatic cancer web sites, in addition to the most currently available literature, will make you an informed patient and thus create a necessary, viable working relationship with you and your health care team. In living with pancreatic cancer you are working against the clock. Feel free to email me for assistance. A message board will be established soon but until that time, use the email form of communication and indicate whether you would like to be included on the communication's list that will supply you with ideas and issues raised by others using this web site. Submit all correspondence to:




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