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gripe: v. - to complain with grumbling.

Welcome to the first installment of the griping board. This feature is being brought to you to inform you of what the latest gripes are on other pancreatic cancer web sites and chat rooms.

Please feel free to submit a gripe, complain about my challenge to someone else's gripe, defend a gripe, or lend a humorous anecdote to a listed gripe.

Here are this installment's gripes:

1. There is a website out there that defends standard medical practices and standard medicine. It assaults any notion of alternative medicine by referring to those who partake in such therapies as "quacks". The extremist views on both ends of this debate really took me by surprise. I thought I was watching the Jerry Springer Show (sans Klansmen, bare body parts, transvestites, etc.) or that I had been transported back to the 80's, watching Morton Downey, Jr. Write to me to get this address. It is an unreal site.

My only response to this site is, "If you have that much time to dedicate to such worthless dribble, then you have time to write to your local news media outlets to get the word out on pancreatic cancer awareness." Let's face it, there are junk treatments under the guise of alternative medicine and there are some alternative treatments that are working for people with pancreatic cancer. At the same time, there are some lousy doctors, like my father's medical oncologist, who are as worthless as any cheesy "alternative" treatment you can come up with.

Extreme divisiveness on issues will not help anyone.


2. "The government spends all this money on AIDS, and not on cancer". I've heard this mentioned several times and guess what? I found a great article that addresses this issue from a contra- and "I see how they would assume that" attitude, in the latest issue of POZ magazine. POZ magazine, May 2000. It is available at most Borders bookstores, Barnes and Noble and some larger city libraries should carry it. There is a comment in the article about how all these disease organizations now are using the gay men's, early 80's, "in your face" tactics to bring awareness to their disease and that brings me to this last gripe......


3. "Hey, let's bombard the Oprah Winfrey Show with beaucoup emails to see if she will do a show on pancreatic cancer". Oprah is a wonderful, compassionate woman who follows the student of truth lifestyle and is a great champion of the challenged but she is also a savvy and strong woman who might just get pissed with all the emails!!! Look, pancreatic cancer and our experiences with it are serious and valid issues, and demands a platform. But I question if bombarding Oprah with emails is the way to get that platform. Why don't we do something more large-scale and have everyone on the Johns Hopkins chat line contribute $5 for a full page ad in the Chicago Tribune, beseeching Oprah to do a full show on pancreatic cancer. This would certainly grab the media's attention, in addition to Oprah's. We could also get a contingent of people to do a silent demonstration and carry banners in front of the Harpo studios, asking Oprah to do a show on pancreatic cancer. If anyone knows Gary Zukav, Andrew Weil or Tyra Banks, that would be another way too!! And hey! what about Montel? Now that he is faced with a chronic illness, he may lend a empathetic ear to our campaign?




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