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Comfort Resource Guide



1. "God Said, Ha!"

A one woman stand-up performance from Saturday Night Live's "Pat", Julia Sweeney.   Looking forward to living in her new bachelorette home, her idyllic life drastically changes when her brother....and her parents....move into her place upon the diagnosis of her brother's lymphoma.  Eventually, Julia develops cervical cancer.  It is a humorous look into the world of disease, one's impending mortality and familial invasion.  Miramax Home Entertainment.

2. "One True Thing" - Meryl Streep, William Hurt, Renee Zellweger,

A moving picture about a mother's cancer, her daughter's forced return home to care for her and their newly-discovered bonds.  A good tear jerker with emphasis on getting to know our parents before its too late.  Universal Pictures, 1999.

3. "Mother and Son"

A film by Alexander Sokurov.  In Russian and German with English subtitles.  Finally available on video 10/3/00, Fox Lorber Video.

4. "Healing Spirit"

An exploration into the human journey through life and death, illness and healing.  It poses the idea that wellness is more than just the absence of disease.  The film looks at healing as a spiritual process.  It features segments by Drs. Deepak Chopra, Bernie Siegel and Marion Woodman.  There are some stunning moments in this video that will make you rethink illness, spirituality, and love and commitment.  Mystic Fire Video, Fox Lorber Associates, 1992, Not Rated.  Best availability - your public library.

 5. "Life After Life"

This video featuring Dr. Raymond A. Moody, is founded on Dr. Moody's ideas that were presented in his book of the same name.  It features a number of interviews with people who had death experiences and came back to life.  Included in this video is the assistant to Garth Brooks who was stung multiple times by bees and went into anaphylaxis.  It is a very comforting and reassuring video to watch, as it reasserts the fact that has been presented many times, that we will be reunited with our loved ones, that the afterlife is a comforting and loving energy and that unconditional love is our most important earthly experience.  If you are having difficulty rationalizing the loss of a loved one and feel saddened by their departure from your life, this is a great video to watch.  Its very life affirming, for this life and the next.  Cascorn International, 1992, ISBN: 0-9634008-0-0, Not rated.  Best availability - your public library.

 6. "Conversations with GOD"

This video deals with the exploration of near death experiences.  It has some of the same authors and interviewees that you will find on Life after Life.  It is rather comprehensive in its list of guest authors who have contributed to this video.  You will learn what it is like to be on "the other side", to experience a panoramic life review (a fascinating and somewhat disconcerting phenomenon - so live a good, clean, and loving life - or you'll have it thrown back at you and it won't be pretty!! ed.)  The fascinating conversations revealed in this video uncover secrets of our true nature.  For those in the video who crossed over and came back, they lose their fear of death, adopt a renewed zest for living and find new compassion for others.  Bricor International distributed by Goldhil Video, 1995.  Best availability - your public library.




1. Making Loss Matter: Creating Meaning in Difficult Times - Rabbi David Wolpe, Riverbend Books, NY, 1999,  ISBN:1-57322-141-4

2. Discover the Power Within You - Eric Butterworth.  Eric Butterworth is a Unity minister and author of numerous books and articles in the area of spirituality and metaphysics.  In this book, Eric encourages you to explore the "depth potential" within you.  He thoughtfully addresses such subjects as: how to pray, how to find confidence, how to overcome personal problems and how to find healing.  Highly recommended.  Harper San Francisco, 1968, 1989. ISBN:0-06-250115-1,  $14.00 USA.

3. In the Flow of Life - Eric Butterworth.  Another powerful book that addresses timely and helpful issues such as: finding the good in seemingly hopeless situations, letting go of anxieties about death, and finding guidance for every need.   Great reading.  Unity Books, 1982, second printing, 1999. ISBN:0-87159-066-2   $9.95 USA.


TV Shows


1. "Crossing Over With John Edward"

Wow!  What an amazing show.  Not only is John Edward a good looking, intelligently witty man but he really has a gift to communicate with the deceased.  Because of this show, I no longer feel devastated by my father's passing.  I joyously revel in the assumed knowing that my father has been reunited with his family and many loved friends.  It is a show I earnestly try to watch every night that it is on.  John Edward is very contemporary and does not come across as weird, spacey-ethereal.  The reactions of the audience members receiving a reading are quite genuine and honest.  It is really worth watching!  It is my mission to have a private reading by him in 2001.  There is also a substantial waiting list for tickets to his show.    Sunday-Thursday at 11:00pm on the Sci-Fi channel.

2. "On Our Own Terms"

Another phenomenal show by Bill Moyers.  This is a 4-part series that aired recently on PBS and is reported to have repeat showings in October.  This program touched on many different aspects of illness, caring for a loved one and end of life decision-making.  As with most PBS shows, it should eventually end up on video, if you find that you have missed the airing of this wonderful program.



The only music that has really struck a nerve with me is the song, "Jesus to a Child" by George Michael.  George lost his mother and his former lover around the same time and I believe those experiences were the motivators behind this amazing song.  I have not heard a song that so brilliantly addresses the passing of a lover or partner as eloquently as this song.  I have received several emails from people who said that they feel so lost without their partners.  I refer them to the lyrics of this song, they are that profound.  I am including the lyrics to this song because I feel it holds such power, peace and hope.  The song is from George Michael's album "Older" and also available on his greatest hits cd, "Ladies and Gentlemen...".  Both cds also contain the song "You Have Been Loved" another great song addressing the same issue.  Absolutely right on!!

Jesus to a Child

kindness in your eyes

I guess you heard me cry

you smiled at me

like Jesus to a child

I'm blessed I know

heaven sent and heaven stole

you smiled at me

like Jesus to a child

and what have you learned

from all this pain

I thought I'd never feel the same

about anyone or anything again

but now I know


(chorus)  when you find love

when you know that it exists

then the lover that you miss

will come to you on those cold, cold nights

when you've been loved

when you know it holds such bliss

then the lover that you kissed

will comfort you when there's no hope in sight


sadness in my eyes

no one guessed, well no one tried

you smiled at me

like Jesus to a child

loveless and cold

with your last breath you saved my soul

you smiled at me

like Jesus to a child

and what have I learned

from all these tears

I waited for you all those years

then just when it began

He took your love away

but I still say


repeat chorus


so the words you could not say

I'll sing them for you

and the love we would have made

I'll make it for two

for every single memory

has become a part of me


you will always be love


well I've been loved

so I know what love is

and the lover that I kissed is always by my side

oh the lover I still miss...was Jesus to a child.

                         George Michael, 1995




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